IMG_2238Adopt-a-Block Program

Richmond Trees envisions tree-lined streets throughout the entire city. With the Adopt-a-Block program, we are taking a strategic approach to tree planting.

There are advantages to planting several trees at once in a certain geographic area. It makes it easier for us to organize the work parties to plant the trees and to do tree care afterwards. Several new trees on a block also have an immediate aesthetic impact. Additionally, with Adopt-a-Block, a group of residents come together to green their neighborhood as a group. The simple act of planting trees together strengthens a community, and the residents gain a profound sense of satisfaction as they watch the trees mature, knowing that they contributed to transforming their city in a positive way.

We are looking for residents who would like to adopt their blocks, serving as the liaison between Richmond Trees and the tree adopters in their neighborhood. Here’s what is involved:

Step One: Talk to Your Neighbors

  • Educate yourself about the benefits of street trees.
  • Talk to your neighbors about adopting trees. As someone they know, you are the best person to tell them about the transformation you envision on your block! A Richmond Trees member can come with you to help and answer questions.
  • Help your neighbors fill out the Adopt-A-Tree Application and give it to Richmond Trees.

Step Two: Plant Trees

  • Act as the liaison between Richmond Trees and the adopters on your street as Richmond Trees plans the planting event.
  • Encourage adopters to participate! Assisting with the planting increases the adopters’ investment in the program. And it is a fun way to strengthen the sense of community in your neighborhood.

Step Three: Keep an Eye on Those Young Trees

  • Be aware of the weather and how the trees are being cared for.
  • During summer months young trees need regular watering. They may even need watering during winter months if we have a dry spell.
  • Watch for pests and weeds around the trees.
  • Do NOT prune the trees.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Richmond Trees. We can help you talk to your neighbors and provide educational materials to help them care for their trees.
  • More information about tree care.

If you are interested in adopting your block, please simply email us at to get started!  042515_RT_handout_insideIllustration and Infographic courtesy of Colleen Finn at Green Dog Studio.