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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to adopt a tree? How much time am I committing?

It’s not difficult or time consuming. Being a tree adopter means that you will help make sure that your young tree is able to thrive. In California, we need to water once a week in the dry months for the first three years after planting. After that, your tree should be good to go! When you adopt a tree, Richmond Trees is here to give you the information and support that you need.

I am a renter, can I still get a free street tree?

You do not need to be the homeowner to adopt a street tree (since we plant on city property), you just need to be the person that agrees to care for it until it is established (approx. 1st three years). Tell your landlord that you would like a street tree. (It will improve the property value!)

Can you plant a tree in my yard?

No. We only plant street trees (these are located in the median between the sidewalk and the street). Although we do encourage residents to plant trees on their private property—this is also a great way to help grow our tree canopy.

The tree in front of my house doesn't look healthy. Can you come look at it?

Every tree in Richmond is valuable, so we hope your street tree is okay. If Richmond Trees planted your tree, please let us know and we will schedule a visit right away. However, as volunteers, we are not able to care for mature trees. Please contact the City of Richmond city arborist at: 510-231-3075

I want a tree, but don't want a messy one. What are the options?

There are many options if you would like an Evergreen tree. Please consult our Illustrated Street Tree guide.

I already have a street tree, but I wish there were more on my block. What can I do?

We can help. Please email us at and we will work on a plan for your block/street.

Who pays for the trees?

Funding sources are diverse and include everything from city funding, foundations, and corporate contributions, as well as donations from wonderful individuals who share our vision to restore Richmond’s urban tree canopy. Donate to Richmond Trees

I would like to volunteer with Richmond Trees. How do I know what’s happening?

The first step is signing up to be a Richmond Trees volunteer, please use our contact us form or email us at We only plant trees during the rainy season, since this is the best time to plant in California. However, year-round tree care is incredibly important and happens on the 3rd Sunday of each month; we always need volunteers to help. Come out and check on new trees, be outdoors, and visit with neighbors.

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